"simply outstanding", "second to none"

It's always good to hear what clients, candidates and contractors think about us, and luckily for us, most think we're good at what we do! It appears that our willingness to be flexible and to go the extra mile with regards to understanding and fulfilling our clients and candidates requirements really is appreciated.

Synchronica (mobile email and synchronization solutions)
Nicole Meissner - Chief Marketing Officer

“I have used various recruiting agencies in the past and have generally been disappointed. Write Authors do things differently. They spent a long time understanding Synchronica and our requirements and seem to look at the recruitment process from our point of view with a good depth of business knowledge. Their presentation of candidate information is second to none and they only send us people they genuinely think we will want to employ.”

Enterprise Software Company
Bhavana Kamat - Successful Technical Author Candidate

“Working with Write Authors has been a pleasure! When I heard of this company which dealt only with technical documentation placements, I was quite curious to know what sorts of interviews I would get. But my curiosity soon gave way to pleasant surprise when I started interacting with Debby and Sean for a job interview. Their professional approach to dealing with candidates and their responsiveness to follow-ups really made my experience with them a productive one!

Great going guys, keep up the good work!!!”

Fast Growing IT Company
Larry Tsonev - Successful Technical Author Candidate

“I got my first job in the UK thanks to Write Authors. They contacted me hours after I'd posted my CV and within days they were offering me two positions to consider, both exceeding my expectations. I simply picked the better one and here I am, working for this young fast-growing company in Yorkshire.

In addition to Write Authors I registered with a big international recruitment agency. They didn’t contact me until after my new employer was already offering me a contract and were talking about a totally irrelevant role! Compared to the big agency, Write Authors were simply outstanding.

Last but not least - Write Authors were extremely understanding and supportive throughout the process. We still keep in touch - they regularly call me to see how I am. They care.”

Telecommunications Software Company

Liam Cragg - Successful Technical Author Candidate

"Thanks to Write Authors I am happily working as a technical author for a rapidly expanding telecommunications software manufacturer near London.

In all my dealings with Write Authors, I always got the impression that I was dealing with a quality agency with quality clients. An agency that cares very much about finding the right person, for the right position, with the right client.

Write Authors are friendly and highly professional, and I would recommend them to any technical author searching for quality role in a quality company, or any company looking to hire high quality technical authors."

If you think there's something we could do better, we would be delighted to hear from you (feedback@writeauthors.co.uk).

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