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If you are looking to recruit a copy editor but are not sure what they can do or are interested in becoming a copy editor, the summary below will give you a good idea of what you can expect.

A copy editor (also copyeditor and copy-editor) takes others' written material, often multiple authors, pulls it together and edits it prior to final publication in printed or electronic format. A copy editor could also be required to do design and layout work in addition to ensuring that the final written material is:

  • concise
  • uses consistent terminology
  • flows properly
  • is grammatically correct
  • matches the in-house style
  • is factually correct
  • is not libellous

The copy editor may be the only person to read the entire text in the course of pulling it all together, so therefore, his/her input is extremely important. In the newspaper and magazine industry the copy writer will often also be responsible for the headlines and captions.

What makes a good copy editor?

A good copy editor will generally have a degree in English, publishing or journalism, although if it is in a specialist field a degree in that area is also appropriate. Obviously they need to have good attention to detail, grammar, writing and editing skills but they also need to be a diplomat. People do not always like their work being corrected, particularly when they may consider the changes petty or even detrimental.

A good general knowledge is also important in order to be able to spot sections that may not be factually correct or may be libellous and that warrant further investigation. The copy editor has the final responsibility for any errors so needs to be confident in taking on that responsibility especially when working under tight time pressure to meet a publishing deadline.

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